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Saturday, 13 July 2013

How To Update Huawei U8860 Honor To Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM

In this post we will cover guide on how to update Huawei U8860 Honor with Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM.
Backup Tips:
When you upgrade your android device to a custom ROM, all of your data gets deleted from the device. So, it is important to first take a backup of your data like contacts, WhatsApp messages, SMS messages, apps, etc.
As your sincere friends, we do not want you guys to lose your data so we have these handy tutorials for you guys to take a backup of your important stuff. Do check them out:

If you are using SAMSUNG device, then you can easily take a backup of all your data at ur PC using Samsung KIES. Other android device owners also need not to panic. They can easily take the backup using ClockworkMod or TWRP custom recovery.
So, are you guys all done with backing up all your important data? You are almost ready to hit the target then. But first, just take a look at some of the other precautions:
1. Make sure your device is charged to atleast 80% because if it turns off during the installation process of the custom ROM, it gets bricked. That would be helpful: Check the battery status of your Android Device.
2. Before installation, you must have the USB Debugging/Transfer mode enabled at your device. Check out how to do it here: How to enable USB Debugging.
Important Caution/Disclaimer:
Most of the custom ROM installations we cover here at our blog are for factory unlocked android devices. If you are attempting to upgrade the android version on a locked android device, make sure the custom ROM is specifically for your android device, otherwise, your device may gets locked.
So that is the whole story about backup and other precautions. You are now ready to go! Take a look at those simple steps and enjoy your new custom ROM.
How to Update Huawei U8860 Honor with Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM:
Given below is a list of simple steps on how to update your Huawei U8860 Honor with Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM. But first, you need to keep the following things in mind:
  • Your device will be formatted once you install the custom ROM. This means, all your data will be wiped off from the device so make sure you have taken backups.
  • The tutorial below works only for the installation of Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM on Huawei U8860 Honor. Never attempt these steps on any other device.
Once you are done with everything, you can follow the steps below:
1. First of all download the Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM for Huawei U8860 Honor here.
2. Connect your device to your PC using USB data cable.
3. Once the custom ROM is downloaded, copy it to an SD card and put it in your device.
4. Disconnect your device from your PC and switch it off.
5. Now you have to boot your device into recovery mode by making different key combinations. If you are having any issues booting it in recovery mode, see the tutorial here:
6. Now we’ll be taking Nandroid backup of your existing ROM. In order to do so, select Backup and Restore option followed by selecting Back up again in next windows.
7. Go back to the main recovery menu when you are done with the backup.
8. Now in the recovery mode, you have to wipe off your currently existing ROM. For that purpose, select Wipe data/factory reset option and click Yes to confirm the action.
9. Once you’re done, wipe off your device cache by selecting wipe cache partition from the menu.
10. Go to CWM Recovery menu.
11. Click on Wipe Dalvik Cache under Advanced option to perform the Dalvik cache wiping.
12. When done, go back to the main recovery screen.
13. Select install zip from sdcard.
14. Select Choose zip from sd card
15. Browse for the file you copied and select it.
16. Confirm your selection to begin the installation process.
17. Once it is completed go back to main recovery menu by selecting +++go back+++ and select Reboot system now. The first reboot might take up to 5 minutes.
That is it! You have successfully upgraded your Android to Android 4.1.2 With Shendu ROM on your Huawei U8860 Honor. You may verify it by Setting > About > Android Version. Enjoy!
Note: If you face any difficulty at any level, feel free to drop any comments and we will be answering them as soon as possible.