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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to Jailbreak iPhone 5

Almost all iPhone 5 users are fascinated with the idea of jailbreaking their devices. If you are one of these people and if you want to try doing the modification on your own then you have nothing to worry as there are simple ways to have it done. You may follow the steps below in order to manually modify your device.

Keep in mind that before you can get started you’ll need to download the correct software. Visit: Jailbreak Software

Steps To Manually Jailbreak iPhone 5

1. The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have already created a backup of your device.

2. Go to the software’s website and then click on the link to download the application. Launch the tool by simply double-clicking on the icon.

3. Go to the main menu, select “Extras” and then click on “Select IPSW”.  When a window pops up saying “Successfully identified”, choose a firmware and then hit on “Back”.

4. Click the “Jailbreak” option and once the tool is done processing the firmware, you will see a few options in the screen.

5. Since Cydia is not yet involved in this modification process, select “Install SSH” option and then the next button.

6. Put your device in DFU mode to start the modification process. During this time, make sure that the entire process is not interrupted.

7. Hold the power button down for five seconds and the home button for 10 seconds simultaneously. Keep on holding the Home button for 15 more seconds after releasing the power button.

8.  Once you are in the tool’s main menu, select the “Extras” option and then “Just boot”.

9. If the device reboots, it only indicates that it has already been modified. While the device is rebooting, make sure that you are no longer holding down any of the buttons. Also make sure that the process is not interrupted by any means.

10. The last thing that you should do is to simply install “Cydia” by going to your settings of your device. Once “Cydia” is installed, it only means that your device is completely modified.

Again, to get started with the above steps, you’ll need the correct software. You can download it here.

You can successfully modify your mobile device with the use of the steps above. However, you can also skip the lengthy part and just do it effortlessly with the use of a powerful software application. This type of tool only requires a few button clicks to get the job done. Once your device is successfully modified, you will feel like you have purchased a new and more updated phone.

iPhone 5S Enters Production With Aim To Reach Market In October

iPhone 5S is said to be entering in mass production phase at the end of this month to reach the final production mark till the end of September. Apple is rumored once again to be preparing next-generation iPhone 5S launch in mid-October. The iPhone 5S production reports are claiming that device will be launched in market with 50 to 55 million stock at start, and then later stocks will be pushed to new heights.

The report comes from non-other than Peter Misek, Analyst of Jefferies & Co. He claims that Apple is confirming the suppliers to start iPhone 5S production in the end of this month, and to follow up with production demands till the end of September. The iPhone 5S launch is speculated for late September to mid-October timeframe. The report also claims that Apple is almost reaching the production mark with suppliers for cheap (Budget-iPhone) model, and increasing orders for iPhone 5S production to launch the device in the market on time.

If you are following up with the iPhone 5S launch rumors, then you must be aware of Misek’s name, and his credible work for everyone in the market. He is known for his hit & miss reports about the upcoming iOS devices. However, he is completely aware of iOS market and can come true sometimes with his words. Analysts across the world are just pushing out series of dates to their clients for the next-launch of iPhone 5S, and the rise in stocks.

On the other hand, Apple is also gearing up iOS 7 development with developers and launching upcoming iOS 7 Beta 4 on July 22nd or 23rd. The iOS 7 Beta development is already going in full speed at Apple, and around the developer’s forums. We are seeing heavy bug fixes, and improvements in the time period of every 15 days.

Well, the iPhone 5S is coming in the fall, and will be running the latest iOS 7 on the board. We can easily guess the iPhone 5S launch date with iOS 7 beta release pattern.

Friday, 12 July 2013

How to take a screenshot on your iPhone 5

Follow these simple steps to take a screen shot at your iPhone 5:

1. Get to the desired thing you want to capture on your iPhone 5.
2. Press the lock key and the home key at the same time.
3. You will hear a capture sound.
4. The screen shot is taken and will be stored in Camera Roll of your iPhone 5.